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Self Introduction No.18: Do Hoang Hiep

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Please Introduce yourself !


Hi guys, it’s Hiep from Vietnam. I’m currently a sophomore at Shizuoka University in Japan. I like talking to people, listening to their stories, so if our eyes meet, let’s talk!

Since I came to Japan, study in an international environment, plus being able to interact with a lot of foreigners has awaken my interest in international exchange and international situation. Then, one day an acquaintance professor sent me an ISC poster and the moment I saw it, in my head it was like “Hiep, that is your chance to do something you like!”. So, I took the chance, applied for ISC and fortunately got chosen as a participant!

I’m so looking forward to the main event!

What do you think about your table topic ?


Although there have been a lot of supporting movement for the LGBT community nowadays, they are still suffering the discrimination from society. Problems such as School bullying, few job opportunities, violence, unemployment, health care, …  are still happening. There is also “Heterosexism”, an issue which we need to pay more attention. Why did ancient Greek society allow homosexuality but not this modern society which is considered as a more advanced period? What is the explanation to why among 195 countries all over the world, 75 countries are still treating homosexuality as an illegal act? It might relate to that country religious beliefs or governmental system, therefore to completely resolve “Heterosexism” is still a struggle. However, in a world where people regard human rights vital, it is such a paradox when individuals who have not gain full control of their rights still exist. At this year conference, let’s all find solutions to put an end to “Heterosexism”, put an end to “majority” and “minority”!

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