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Self Introduction No.17 : Kanon Hironaka

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Please Introduce yourself !


My name is Kanon Hironaka and freshman at Fukuoka University in Japan. The reason why I want to join to ISC is, I’d like to do something new now that I am a university student, and I want to share my ideas to society with lots people who have many various background in the world. I have been to Canada for three months when I was a high school student. And then I was always surprised at differences of culture between Japan and Canada and the conversations I had with my host family had a lot of interesting things. With that mind, I realized that my mind was changing little by little by communicating with people from around the world. I discovered many things, little and big, and those experiences helped shaped me to be who I am. I am appreciative that I can share my ideas alongside of ISC and I think I’d like to lead to solve the problems happening now.

What do you think about your table topic ?


Our table topic is “heterosexism”. In Japan, that way of thinking has been engrained in us from a young age but now, I think we need to break the mold and break this opinion. I have come to think what is needed to change the norm of heterosexism is to get the right mindset from role models. some examples of role models are teachers, students, parents, and all of them, they have to face this problem. Personally, I was raised up in countryside where it’s a little difficult to understand LGBT+ individuals and it is also difficult to accept them. And I think a reason why that bad cycle of unacceptance continues is because our culture doesn't spend the time to think about LGBT+ and their own sexuality in education. You cannot teach what you didn't learn. So I think all people who are given the right education, and if they have right knowledge, I am sure that would be able to break like this casual prejudice cycle.

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