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Self Introduction No.15: Natsuki Okayama

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Please Introduce yourself!


Hi all! I'm Natsuki Okayama. I'm studying international relations at Tokai University. I'm interested in problems about refugees, and I was interning for refugee aids in Washington D.C. for 3-4 months.

There are two reasons why I decided to apply to ISC. Since after I came back to Japan from the U.S., I had been thinking to utilize my experience of refugee aids to my academic field. Thus, this conference is one of the opportunities for me understand deeply about the refugee issues and use the knowledge in the academic field. Also, in the conference, participants can get deepen knowledge about the topic, and also since students from all over the world will join the student conference, I can get broader perspective. These things are also what I excited about and also the reason why I decided to attend the student conferences.

What do you think about your table topic?


My table topic is the Legal foundation on human rights. When we look at the current situation in the world, many people are suffering from human rights violations. Refugees are also facing serious human rights infringements such as discrimination, sexual abuses, and tortures. I strongly believe that international society needs to focus more on human rights and re-recognize the importance of human rights protections. Also, international society needs to remind that perceptions of human rights and whose human rights are needed to be protected are different depends on nations and groups that people join. In this situation, I assume that different perceptions of human rights and human rights violations are needed to be examined, and a mutual perception of human rights is needed to be shared in international society so that international society can promote human rights protections in the society.

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