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Self Introduction No.4: KyoungHyang Kwon

Please Introduce yourself!


Hello! My name is KyoungHyang Kwon, studying at Nagoya University of Foreign

Studies. Call me Kyoung! I am majoring in sociology focusing on human race and

identity of minority people especially about Latin people. The reason why I study this

filed comes from my background as Korean Japanese. I saw and faced on some difficulties with Japanese society because of my nationality. For that reason, I want to gain a skill which can help my thought by communicating with people who have different values. I believe it is very important to share the opinion with people who are different from me through my studying abroad experiences; for example, even if I have negative feeling to one country, I change my mind easily when I listen the story from person specifically. Therefore, it is easier to imagine and being honest about the issue. I guess ISC will be great chance for me!

What is your Table Topic?

What do you think about your table topic so far and what is the goal of your table?


My table topic is about the “legal foundation on human rights”. Honestly, I don’t

understand much yet about legal thing and human right, but I feel its hard to protect

human right from the side of legal foundation. However, the one thing I can state

about human right, nobody can be harmed their human right from someone

regardless of their nationality, sex. age, religion, and status. On the contrast, human

right is very fragile and hard to be guaranteed. Also, it has different meaning and role

based on each place and each generation for me. The important thing is how we

define the meaning of human right.

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