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Self Introduction No.5: Ai Taguchi

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Please Introduce yourself!


Hello! I'm Ai Taguchi! I'm a freshman of International Christian University. I lived many countries in my childhood. I saw the discrimination of the Romans in Poland, street children in Vietnam, and slam in China. I was so shocked to see those poor people. From these experiences, I got interested in world's poverty. My dream is to save Bottom billion. People in NGO are working hard to save those people by volunteering. However, those supporting has a limit. To put Africa on the growth path, we should change economic and education system.

For example, Agricultural Cooperative system is very useful to teach people about the effective method of agriculture. Also, by using Gramin Bank’s system, we can push people into action.

I have such strong dream, however, I'm still not sure whether this action can make local people happy. In ISC, there are many students who came from Developing countries. I want to talk with them and get more knowledge of their countries.

What is your Table Topic?

What do you think about your table topic so far and what is the goal of your table?


The world is in turmoil. Many citizens of the world have started to ascribe less importance to living in a democracy. The reason why democracy is in the crisis is as following: stagnating living standards, fear of multiethnic democracy, and the rise of social media. Globalization and democracy, as a whole, contributed to growing the free market economy, but it has created large domestic and interregional economic disparities, in particular income disparities. In response to these circumstances, many people began to feel that such disparity has been created by a non-fair mechanism created by 1% of the elite who owns the world's 50% world wealth. And those who felt these elite-led "democracy" dysfunctions had distrusted elite politics and began to endorse extreme populism. “America first” and 'Brexit" are the revolts of citizens disillusioned with distorted "democracy". To create better democratic world, politicians need to enact radical reforms that benefit the many, not the few. Also, we should create environment to talk about political issues freely. I want to deepen this topic in this conference.

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