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Humans of ISC65: Wenhan Shang

Next on Humans of ISC65 is Wenhan Shang aka Charlie- a delegate from the country of historic culture, China! He will partake in [Table 4: Economic Growth and Human Well-being].

"In the content of solving global issues and being a world citizen, I realize that I have to

communicate with people from different backgrounds. One culture can’t solve all the

problems; the experience in China may apply to China and Asia but not able to transplant to

other civilizations." said Shang.

Q1. Please tell us what are the reasons/motivations that made you apply for ISC65?

As a student lives in the world with the booming information on the internet, I desire to gain

some practical experience in the real world. The great changes are happening around the

world every day; however, so does various severe challenges. Challenges such as

unbalanced economic development, conflict among various races and religions provide

evidence that human has to face these issues together if we regard us as the citizen of earth.

In the content of solving global issues and being a world citizen, I realize that I have to

communicate with people from different backgrounds. One culture can’t solve all the

problems; the experience in China may apply to China and Asia but not able to transplant to

other civilizations. Therefore, I hope to see and learn the experience from other participants,

to know how they deal with problems in their local community. ISC65 becomes a great

opportunity for me, a platform to work with brilliant young blood from all over the world. When I

saw this program on the internet, I just feel the connection and then registered without

hesitation. Today, I am honored that I am selected as a participant, and I am so surprised to

see that students govern ISC. That might be another reason why I decide to come. I firmly

believe undergraduates should spend more time to participate in meaningful acticities outside

the university as much as they can, stepping out of the Ivory Tower and see how the world

and society system operates. In the future, I hope to work in NGOs, but it will not be my only

option. As an saying goes: the curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little

they know about what they imagine they can design. I believe capital is a powerful tool to

promote the progress of society, and I hope I could contribute my little effort on that aspect in the future.

Q2.What do you think about your table’s topic?

In my view, in today’s world, most people’s life goal is being rich, although many times we even do not know why. But will an ordinary person become happier if he enters the class of rich? The answer might not be so sure. The topic of table 4 is talking about the same thing exactly but in a bigger vision. The subject here switches to the country, region, and even human being. How to measure well-being? Is everyone have the same standard of well-being? How to ensure economic growth benefits everyone’s life? These questions are more than interesting to me. It sounds such a philosophy because eventually, it’s talking about the human being. Although, for the time being, I don’t have related background about economic, but I think and hope it could also be an advantage. It makes me out of the fixed thinking modes to view this problem differently. Of course, I will do my best in the research proposal within my current ability. I am sure the collision of thoughts will bring a lot of fun!!

Q3.What do you think about your table’s activities in overall now?

I cannot wait to see my lovely table mates. They are all outstanding students in their study

fields. We will become an amazing team. Nothing could be better than communicating with

brilliant minds from all over the world. Although we have not met yet, I already started to

believe I will learn a lot from them, academic experience, knowledge, and whatever I can or

cannot think of yet. For the time being, I guess everything is going on well.

Moreover, I got a great table chief and sub table chief, and they considerately answered my

questions with the patient. I am proud that I can become one of the team. It will be an

amazing summer, and let’s make it happen!!

Q4. Can you share hare with us some of your feelings towards the upcoming ISC65?

It’s always exciting to meet new friends. What’s more, it will be a special meet in another

country. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and hope we can all get along well.

Q5. Can you tell us a little bit about your hometown?

I grew up in Wenzhou, a city located in Southeast of China. There is an interesting common

saying which calls Wenzhounese the Jews of the Orient because Wenzhou people are famous for its ability to do business in China. It is a city with a unique business culture, and most people established their family enterprises, whatever the size is big or small. And there are lots of Wenzhou people doing business and manage their assets overseas, especially in Europe, such as Italy, France, Spain, etc. It is a coastal city, so you must visit Wenzhou if you are a fan of seafood!!

Moreover, the history of Wenzhou is also fascinating! If you want to take a relaxed walk in nature, the National Geological Park, Mt. Yandang will be a great option. There are several temples and shrines, many of them with a long history, which could be retrospect to the Tang and Song Dynasty. What’s more, you can taste the local snacks in Wenzhou. This city has many special snacks which are super delicious! Here, you can find the most authentic snacks, such as lamps cake, meatball subs, sticky rice and so on!! Wenzhou is also called the “Home of Mathematics in China” and “China's Jerusalem.” Wenzhou has a long history of mathematics, and many mathematical records in modern China are made by local Wenzhounese mathematicians and scholars. Maybe that’s why Wenzhouness are good at business? And for the second title, Wenzhou has been for centuries a hub of Christian missionary activity. In this city, you may find lots of churches, and I think that’s why Wenzhouness are more open-minded because they are open to new things and hardly go by books. It is a city witness the reform and opening-up policy in China, it might not be one of the biggest cities in China, but it has the unique beauty of its people and land. I love this city. And if you plan to visit here, I am pleased to be your guide! We can appreciate the impressive view of the Ou river, and have a lovely meal, a little wine, with sea wind, in the beautiful sunset…

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