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Humans of ISC65: Sulagna Banerjee

Hello everyone.

Starting from today, we will launch a new series known as "Humans of ISC65". "Humans of ISC65" is where you can understand more about our participants- the amazing advocates for a better world and their burning passion toward solving current pressing issues as well as the unique features of their hometown. The series will be updated frequently on our website and SNS, so be sure to follow us and stay tuned for their stories!

"Humans of ISC65" will kick off today with Sulagna Banerjee from India. Sulagna belongs to Table 2 "The Feminist Perspective on Wars and Conflicts". Let's hear her story, shall we?

Q1. Please tell us what are the reasons/motivations that made you apply for ISC65?

This will be my first time participating in ISC, and the main reason to take part in ISC lies was the involvement of students from all around the world coming together to experience the unique culture of Japan. My current university which has a 50-50 proportion of International and Japanese students, therefore I am very enthusiastic about events where I get to meet people from all around the world. And after living in Japan since the past 6 months has made me fall in love with this country, therefore ISC65 gave me the perfect opportunity to travel the country I love, and meet these wonderful and amazing people from all around the world. Secondly I found the table topics of ISC65 really interesting, planning to graduate in Culture Media Society, all the table topics intrigued me as all the topics are current world crisis an we as youth have the responsibility to take the step and first bring awareness and eventually take action towards the right direction. Therefore I hope to enjoy these few days in the country I love and make long lasting memories. And ISC65 is not of those conferences where they lock you in a room and make you come with a proposal in a certain period of time, but it is more of an cultural exchange where student get the opportunity to explore Japan in an international environment.

Q2.What do you think about your table’s topic?

I am a member of table 2, our topic deals with the feminist perspective on war, basically how women were treated during wars fought in the past centuries, and also the consequences that they had to face before, during and after the war. Personally I feel, right now this topic is more prevalent in today’s world, with the rise of feminism and me too movement people are well aware of the inequality faced by women in the past. For those who think that feminism is all about overcoming male domination, that is absolutely wrong, what we aim to achieve is gender equality. Our table topic mainly focuses on the atrocities and hardship the woman had to face during the war and even to this date they have been facing the consequences, and we also discuss how different societal factors play a role in these crisis. Our topic does not only talk about the past but focuses on the future as well, mainly to prevent history from repeating itself. I identify myself as a feminist definitely not a “feminazi” therefore this topic caught my attention at once. Feminism is a very powerful subject and also has a lot of controversial element to it,  therefore I feel it is a perfect topic for a student who wants to major in culture media and society, where I get to talk about the past, present and future of Feminism, it will surely be an experience I will cherish forever.

Q3.What do you think about your table’s activities in overall now?

I personally feel that my table is really active, especially the table chief and the sub table chief. The table mates have a very positive attitude towards each other and seem really into the table topic. The assignments are interesting and knowledgeable as well. Therefore I get a very positive and comfortable vibe from my table mates, although I haven’t met them yet, but I feel we all share quite similar views on our table topic, I can’t wait to meet them!

Q4. Can you share hare with us some of your feelings towards the upcoming ISC65?

I am really excited about ISC65, as it will be my first time going out of my comfort zone and traveling alone, although I have been staying in Japan since the last 7-8 months, this will be my first time traveling outside Oita prefecture. I am looking forward to meeting my table members as well as the other table members as well, and definitely exploring Tokyo and the rich and vibrant Japanese culture with them. Secondly the main conference will be an amazing experience in itself, being a first year student I am humbled to be in the presence of people who have more experience in these types of event. And lastly looking forward to make long lasting memories and friendships.

Q5. Can you tell us a little bit about your hometown?

Hello everyone! I am Sulli from India, not from Delhi or Mumbai, but from a very small town called Jamshedpur, if you know Jonas Brothers, you must know Nick Jonas, then you must know Priyanka Chopra, so he was born there, haha, sorry that is how I introduce my town! Other from that fact, it is also known for the world renowned TATA company, my hometown is rich is minerals and is very industrialized, it is a curse as well as a blessing, one more fact is that although we have a state government, but the town is maintained by TISCO, which is a subsidiary of TATA, boring I know right….. But it is one of the most greenest towns of India and also one of the most literate towns in India, also people from all around India live here, that is there is no particular religion, cast or sect of people live here, but everyone live here in harmony. As a mini India lives, therefore we get to have food from all around from India here! And Tanushree Chatterjee, an actress who played a major role in the uprising of the #Metoo movement in India/Bollywood is also from here.

What I most like about my hometown is that it is the perfect combination of urbanization and nature, you get to experience the best of both world!

Although you might need time to look for this place in the map of India and there are not that many shopping malls or tourist attractions, but this place has a lot to prove and show to the world

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