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Humans of ISC65: Kostadin Ivanov Dinkov

Kostadin Ivanov Dinkov currently discusses about the pressing "The freedom of Speech" problem with his table-mates right now! Today, he took some of his precious time to share with us about his feeling towards the topic and his beautiful hometown - Bulgaria

"As a young person, it is important for me to have complete freedom of being who I want to be and speak my mind freely. So, being able to discuss the topic for our democratic society topic is very interesting for me."

Q1. Please tell us what are the reasons/motivations that made you apply for ISC65?

Ever since I heard about ISC I’m dreaming to be part of it. That’s because this

conference gives a unique opportunity for young people to be part of something huge. To receive international experience and give voice to some major world issues.

In the face of ISC, I saw a chance to join the worldwide movement that will meet me with passionate people that want to work for a sustainable world, social development, stability and diversity.

Working together on this year’s topics like mental health issues, freedom of speech, plastic pollution and many more, we can give voice over problems that many time are left with almost no attention.

Also, I could not help mentioning that this conference could give me the opportunity to explore such an amazing and unique country like Japan. I really have a passion for Asian cultures, so I would be more than happy to share this experience with more great people.

Q2.What do you think about your table’s topic?

In nowadays, we live in time when the freedom of speech feels like a granted thing, but

it’s always been threatened by all directions: political – from extreme political structures

(extreme liberals and extreme conservators), corruption, governments, religions, social

networks (where is the heaven of fake news) and etc.

If we look up to the world we can see that many countries freedom of speech is

trampled. Almost in the whole Middle East, it’s punishable to speak your mind freely. This is the picture, also in Africa, parts of Asia. And, maybe this biggest example is North Korea, where people are tortured and killed if they try to criticize the government.

As a young person, it is important for me to have complete freedom of being who I want to be and speak my mind freely. So, being able to discuss this vital for our democratic society topic is very interesting for me.

Q3.What do you think about your table’s activities in overall now?

For now, we are at a very early stage of making preparations for the conference. But so far everything is more than perfect. We had our very first table meeting, where I had the chance to see the rest of the team and without any doubt, I would say that we are going to be an amazing table! #Table3

Q4. Can you share hare with us some of your feelings towards the upcoming ISC65?

I think of myself as a very adventurous person. So having the opportunity to travel to Asia, especially Japan is like a dream came true. Furthermore, the whole idea behind ISC is what will make this trip even better.

Meeting people all over the world, discussing important topics and exploring new places. Well, things like that make me feel very excited about everything upcoming this summer!

Q5. Can you tell us a little bit about your hometown?

I am from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This is the second biggest city in Bulgaria which is Eastern European country, part of Balkan peninsula.

Plovdiv is known as the “City of the seven hills” and it is one of the oldest living city in Europe. Archaeologists have discovered objects of everyday life from as early as the Neolithic Age, showing that in the end of the 7th millennium B.C there already was an established settlement there.

During the period of the Ottoman Empire slavery, Plovdiv was a focal point for the Bulgarian national revival movement and also, was an economic centre along with Constantinople, Odrin and Thessaloniki.

In nowadays Plovdiv is experiencing big cultural development. And this year the city is called “European capital of culture” for 2019 sharing this title with the Italian city Matera.

Also, near Plovdiv, there is a lot of beautiful nature. Like one of the most beautiful mountains - Rodopi mountains (well in my opinion) which can be a great escape from the city during the weekends

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