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ISC-Alumni Gathering for English-Speakers

On March 26, 2022

On 26 March, we had a gathering with ISC alumni! Thank you so much for joining!

In ISC, participants can continue to be in touch with the ISC Family as an alumnus even after we finish our program (such as Main Conference, Advance Conference). As of today, more than 500 ISC Alumni belong to this community and connect with each other.

In the first half, we traveled all of our memories of ISC as an ice-breaker. Then, we presented an overview of this year’s conference. Here, we introduced the contents of ISC68 and improvements from last year. In the latter half, we had an academic discussion with one theme. The question was “What is the biggest problem that the world is facing right now?” We were separated into 4-5 people groups and enjoyed discussion beyond ages. We are so delighted to hear various positive feedbacks from our alumni! We would like to thank everybody once again for making time to join the event!

We plan to have an Alumni event for Japanese speakers of ISC65 to ISC67 on May 7 2022, we hope we can see you there. 

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