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The 67th International Student Conference

Advance Conference

On May 15 and May 16, 2021, the 67th International Student Conference (ISC67) welcomed more than 50 new participants joining from all around the world through the Advance Conference and the Opening Ceremony of the Main Conference.

For the Opening Ceremony Address from the President, please visit this page!


Advance Conference - Day 1 (May 15, 18:00-21:00 JST)

On May 15, the Advance Conference of the 67th International Student Conference officially started as we welcomed more than 50 participants joining from all around the world. Thanks to your big support and active participation, ISC67 has been able to successfully host the opening ceremony and the meeting. We were so happy to meet you all at the event! At the Advance Conference, we had a welcoming speech from the President, self-introductions from the committee, introduction of the upcoming programs, and an announcement regarding the participation at ISC67. Along with our participants, we had opportunities to exchange with each other through a series of activities. The participants also got to know each member of their tables during 70 minutes of table activity. Moreover, we played 3 different ice-breaking games to get to know students from other tables. We hope all participants had a wonderful time learning about the ISC67 and exchanging with other participants by taking part in our conference. ISC67 would like to thank everyone once again for joining the event! Let’s enjoy the main conference together! 

Advance Conference - Day 2 (May 16, 15:00-18:00 JST)

On May 16, ISC67 conducted the second day of the Advance Conference. We held several activities to encourage new friendships among our participants joining from all around the world. During the first half, participants took part in the gesture game where they have to act a certain word out while the rest of the group try to guess the word. The game was immediately followed by the discussion activity in which participants were divided into several groups to exchange their opinions about whether "universities should reduce their tuition fees if classes are held online". Here, participants were very active in sharing their thoughts, and the discussions in different groups resulted in interestingly diverse outcomes. During the second half, participants took part in the mafia game led by the Planning team, where they all had fun trying to find out who the mafia in their town was. Through all of these activities, committee members were able to witness the smiles on the faces of our participants, making us even more excited about the upcoming journey with our new family members! We would like to thank our participants for joining in our two-day Advanced Conference, and we hope that they will continue to enjoy their ISC experience over the next three months with us!

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