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ISC-Alumni Gathering for English-Speakers

On February 14, 2021
【ISC-Alumni Gathering For English-Speakers】

On 14 February, the ISC-Alumni community welcomed more than 30 alumni from 12 countries. It was the first time that the community held an event for English-speaking alumni, and we are so glad that everything went successfully. Thank you so much for all those who joined the event! Please find out more about the gathering via clicking the post on the left.
In ISC, participants can continue to be in touch with the ISC Family as an alumnus even after we finish our program (such as Main Conference, Advance Conference). As of today, more than 500 ISC-Alumni belong to this community and connect with each other. We have launched [Humans of ISC: Alumni Edition] as a way to be connected with our alumni and share their experiences with prospective ISC67 participants. Please check out the voices of nine of our alumni below!

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