Discussion makes The Future Awesome

Main Theme.

We ISC63 Decided our main theme as "Endeavors in Diversity", which means we have to struggle to find clues for survival in this chaotic world.

Following three statement could penetrate each table topic in ISC 63.

-Diversity in Chaos
 -Foresee how the world will change in 15 years

-Japan: this such a small country in Far East.

Table Topics

ISC63 preparing 6 topics. you can choose one of them.

Table 2

Coexistence of Robots and Human Beings

Kyoto University

Niimi Takahito (Japan)

Table 1

Gender Gaps in Diversity


Capitol University

Alyssa Marcel (Philippines)

Table 3

Peace Building, Disarmament

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Komatsu Yui (Japan)

Table 4

Climate Change

Ho Chi Minh City University of Law

Nguyen Dinh Van Anh (Vietnam)

Table 5

The limit of Capitalism 

University of Tokyo

Uchida Takashi (Japan)

Table 6

 International Relations

in the Trump Era​ 

Keio University

Zhang Yinghan (China)