President & Vice President


 My biggest role as President is to represent ISC at official functions. Throughout the year, I closely have contact with outside organizations which have been or will be supporting ISC. Another important role is to lead, manage and develop our organization’s culture and members. Whenever committee members face problems with their work or preparations for the main event, I will make sure that all the issues are addressed and the well-being of all the committee members are protected. Furthermore, I coordinate weekly meetings, where committee members report their progress on their tasks and share ideas with other members. During the discussion, it is important for me to ensure that everybody is on the right track and their contribution is aligned with our objectives and reflected upon participants’ benefit. 

[Vice President]

 My central role as Vice President is to assume and backstop the President's duties. This includes for example to share part of the President's tasks, attend official meetings with the President and coordinate help the President create plans when necessary. Therefore, it is important to maintain a close interaction and relationship with the President. Moreover, most of the work of committee members is reviewed by Vice President before the final evaluation by President. I always keep in my mind to provide a critical perspective to check all small steps have been made smoothly. Finally, taking minutes during the weekly meetings is also one of my crucial responsibilities. Detailed information must be indicated clearly, so that everybody can understand their specific tasks.


Hello, this is Minori, the president of ISC68. Despite the long period of the Covid-19 pandemic, I hope Japan is going to open its door to invite lots of international students there again. We are aiming at making this year's program the most exciting and memorable one ever.  I am very looking forward to seeing you all in summer! 

Hello, this is Yoshi, the vice president of ISC68. As the threat of COVID-19 continues to grow, we are working hard every day to provide a place in Japan where we can have heated discussions with students from around the world. I am looking forward to meeting all the participants. Let's create unforgettable memories of the summer of 2022 together!