UPDATE: The Recruitment for Table Chiefs is now over!


Thank you so much for the many applications! You can now apply as either International Resident Participants (IRP) or Japanese Resident Participant (JRP). We are looking forward to receiving your application! (Updated on 2/16)

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The 67th International Student Conference Committee opens the Table Chief positions application for the upcoming conference. This position works closely with the Academics Department to create an appropriate program for the conference this year. 


  • International Student Conference (ISC) is an organization established in 1954, providing international exchanges and discussions. Students from around the world are invited to Japan each year for two weeks, where they discuss solutions to worldwide issues. On the last day of the program, participants will discuss their final solutions during the Final Forum;

  • Table Chief works on building structures and finalizing the content for the program’s discussions and solutions. Moreover, a Table Chief is also a facilitator as well as a leader of a group of around 10 students in their constructed panels to keep them on track and ensure the quality of the outcomes of the conference.


  • Currently enrolled in a college, university, or graduate school in Japan and overseas and above 18 years old by the end of August 1st, 2021;

  • Able to use English efficiently and effectively to work on various documents and communicate throughout the program;

  • Interested in various regional and global issues, not limiting to any certain fields;

  • Possess long-term commitment, dedication, and motivation to ensure the excellence of the program. 


  • Application Period: 11/5 ~ 11/22

    • UPDATE: The Application for Table Chiefs has been extended from 11/22 20:00 (JST) to 11/25 20:00 (JST)! For applicants who have submitted the application by 11/22 already, we will reach out to you regarding the results of the first screening as soon as possible. (Updated on 11/22)

  • Application Procedure: 

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  • May:          Initial gathering with the table members

  • June:         Monthly meeting with table members

  • July:          Monthly meeting with table members

  • August 7:  Interim Presentation

  • August:     Monthly meeting with table members

  • August 21: Deadline for the Final Outcome

  • August 22: Final Forum

※ This year’s conference will be held online due to the outbreak of COVID-19. We will update if there are any changes in the places as well as the schedule of the conference. 


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  • Specifying table topics with committee members

The Committee Members of ISC67 have come up with a general theme for this year’s conference, which will play an important role as a guide for Table Chiefs to carry out the task related to topics and discussion facilitation. Table Chiefs will work closely with the Academics Department to narrow down and solidify the topics as much as possible based on the chosen theme.

  • Selection of participants

Table members, who will be the main participants of the discussions, will be recruited between February and April. The recruitment for participants has a similar process as the Table Chiefs recruitment, with an application screening round and an online interview with the applicants. All Table Chiefs are required to work effectively with the Academics Department of ISC67 to come up with an appropriate recruitment procedure to guarantee the excellence of the conference. 

  • Preparation for the Advance Conference in May

ISC67 Committee Members are working on an online advanced conference in May for both Table Chiefs and participants to join. This conference’s mission is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the upcoming discussions by setting tasks and outlining discussion details for the main conference in August. 

  • Attending the Preparation Session right before the Main Conference

Table Chiefs are expected to join the Preparation Session with the Academic Team along with other fellow Table Chiefs. ISC67 Committee Members will go through the important things to keep in mind before the Main Conference as well as offer Table Chiefs advice on the flow of the Main Conference.

  • ​​Preparation of discussions during the main conference in August

Once the Main Conference begins, Table Chiefs will only have less than nine days to discuss the topic you have chosen. Therefore, a schedule as to what the table plans to do on each day of the conference is the key to organized and efficient discussion sessions.

  • Drafting up a proposal  

Towards the end of the Main Conference, each table will submit discussion outcomes in the form of a proposal to appropriate organizations in hopes of making an influential change in the current society. The format of the said proposal could either be in the form of a policy proposal, a business plan, or a project plan. ISC67 will work on the details once Table Chief positions are confirmed.