The 66th International Student Conference is recruiting table chiefs for the upcoming conference. Table chief will be the person in charge of leading the whole discussion group which is usually consisted of 7-9 members.

​1. Eligibility

1) To be a student enrolled in a college, university or graduate school in Japan or overseas and above 18 years old as of June 1st, 2020.

2) To participate in the whole program with your guardian’s approval to come to Japan at the time of participation. (For those residing outside of Japan, it is not mandatory to join the advanced conference in May). Please refer here for more information about the conference.

3) To be dedicated to this conference and to be motivated and responsible during all activities.

4) To have sufficient English knowledge to lead and manage discussions in English.

​2. How to apply

Application Period:         2019/10/31 ~ 2019/11/28 23:59 (JST)

Application Form:           Apply via this link

※ Note that any applications that are received after the deadline will not be assessed.

​3. Participation fee

Participation fee: 35,000 JPY (Fixed)

All expenses except accommodation, food, and transportation fee during the conference will be covered by yourself. Also, if you come from outside Japan, you will also be responsible for paying the flight ticket fee.

​4. Schedule for Table Chiefs(Subject to change)

Preparation Session (or Advanced Study Tour):       2020/8/12 ~ 2020/8/15

Main Conference:                                                       2020/8/16 ~ 2020/8/24

After Meeting:                                                             2020/8/24 ~ 2020/8/25


You will be expected to be in Japan during 2020/8/12 ~ 2020/8/25.

※ The Participation of Table Chiefs at the Advance Study Tour is to be decided.

​5. The responsibilities of a table chiefs

1) Specifying table topics with committee members

We will be narrowing down and solidifying your topics after you have been chosen as table chief, but we expect you to make the topic as specific as possible before the selections.






2) Selection of participants

You will be recruiting your table members during March to May 2020. This will involve the screening of application documents and conducting a Skype interview with the applicants.






3) Preparation for the advanced conference in May

We will hold an advanced conference in mid-May (2020/5/23 ~ 5/24). It is different from the main conference held in August because only table chiefs and participants residing in Japan are required to join the Advance Conference. If you live abroad, it is not mandatory to come to Japan just for this meeting in May, but you are still required to prepare for the advanced conference by setting tasks and outlining discussion details.





4) Preliminary study sessions from June to August

After the selections of members in your group, you will lead the group discussion. One of the most important tasks is to decide what you and your group members will study before the Main Conference. You must make a detailed plan so that every member will be able to understand what must be done in the span of three months before the main conference. During this time, you are also expected to share your academic findings with the public via our social media outlet as well to ensure our engagement and involvement with the general public.



5) Attending the Preparation Session right before the Main Conference

While participants are attending the Advanced Study Tour during 2020/8/12 ~ 2020/8/15, Table Chiefs are expected to join the Preparation Session with the Academic Team along with other fellow Table Chiefs. We will go through the important things to keep in mind before the Main Conference as well as offer you advice on the flow of the Main Conference.





6) Preparation of discussions during the main conference in August

Once the Main Conference begins, you will only have less than nine days to discuss the topic you have chosen. Therefore, a schedule as to what your table plans to do on each day of the conference is the key to organized and efficient discussion sessions.





7) Drafting up a proposal   

Towards the end of the Main Conference, each table will submit discussion outcomes in the form of a proposal to appropriate organizations in hopes of making an influential change in the current society. The format of the said proposal could either be in the form of a policy proposal, a business plan or a project plan. We will work on the details once you are selected as a Table Chief.

​6. Table Chiefs' Schedule for the Year

Early December    Announcement of the Result

December             Narrowing Down and Solidifying the Topic

January                  Training on Research

February                Academic Research

                               Deciding the Format of the Proposal

                               Prepare Study Materials for Participants

                               Prepare the Application Form for Participants

March                    Selection for Foreign Participants

April                       Selection for Japanese Participants

May                       All Participants Selected

5/23 ~ 5/24           Advanced Conference

June ~ August     Prepare for Preliminary Discussion Sessions

8/12 ~ 8/16           Preparation Session

8/16 ~ 8/24           Main Conference

September           Report Submission




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