Advanced Study Tour

Below is the information on the Advance Study Tours held at ISC65. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 67th International Student Conference (ISC67) will be held online. We have canceled Advanced Study Tour this year, due to concerns for our participants’ health and the threat of travel restrictions.

What is the Advanced Study Tour?

The Advanced Study Tour is a four-day trip which will be held on August 12-15th. Participating in this Advanced ST will provide you with opportunities to experience Japanese culture, lifestyle, history, technology and much more!

Participants have the option to choose one of the four locations below. 

Osaka ST(Yuki Yokoi Osaka University)


Hello! In Osaka ST, for three days, you can learn about the history and culture of Japan by visiting sightseeing spots in Osaka such as Osaka castle and Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine. In addition, you can experience the food culture of Japan by making instant noodle, sushi, and octopus dumplings, called Takoyaki,  on your own. We are going to make a food sample as a souvenir. Why don’t you join us and feel how wonderful Japan is with your five senses? We are looking forward to your participation.


Kobe ST(Akira Hashimoto Kansai University)


Hello, we are KobeST. This year, we are planning to visit around Kobe and Akashi. There are some photogenic spots for your Instagram such as The Former Foreign Settlement. In addition, we’ll go to Arima hot spring, which is one of the best three hot springs in Japan. It’s fine if you can’t or don’t want to bathe in the hot springs! You can take the footbath there. If you’re interested in hot spring and taking a walk around a hot spring town, you should join us! There are many other activities as well. We are looking forward to having you!


Okayama ST(Azusa Nakamura Notre Dame Seishin University)    


After all Okayama jyaken!

Jyaken” is a dialect from Okayama prefecture. You may think Okayama is in the countryside of Japan. Okayama is not a “city”, but there are so many attractive points here! For example, gentle atmosphere and warmth of people. It is rich in nature, and there are many sunny days as well.

This year, you can experience Japanese traditional culture and the greatness of Okayama.

Finally, you are sure to say “I’m glad I joined Okayama Study Tour!!!” Why don’t you have a great time here?


Kyushu ST(Masanori Sato The University of Kitakyushu )


Hi! We are a program called Kyusyu ST. During your three days at Kyusyu, we are sure that you will find new experiences and will be amazed, even for Japanese citizens. We promise you that not just for first time visitors, but also people who have been here before can have a blast in Kyusyu with us. You will also get special souvenirs. Don’t miss this chance!

Let’s spend the 3 days together, which will surely be an amazing memory of your life.

We are looking forward to seeing you!