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Tokushima, Japan: Sakura Tomornari

My beloved hometown is Tokushima prefecture. When you arrive there, you will

soon feel slow-paced rural life and rich nature. We only have train instead of tube,

and you might be surprised because it is made up of 3 cars at most and it runs twice

every one hour on average. I guess you feel that Tokushima is so rural area when

you see a staff at station check all passenger’s tickets because we have no

automatic ticket gates. Nature, for example, whirling tides, old suspension bridge in

the mountains and the beach where sea turtle comes, makes you feel relaxed and

even the central city of Tokushima is not noisy and brings you peaceful mind.

However, once a year in summer, a traditional event completely changes the

atmosphere of Tokushima: Festival of Awa dance. Awa dance is originated in 17

centuries and is known as one of the most famous traditional dance. There are over

1000 Awa dance groups and they have their own unique styles. Dancers and players

of the instruments who wear colorful traditional costumes attract everybody, and then

all people including tourists and citizen join and start dancing with this catch phrase ‟

The dancers are fools, and the watchers are fools. Both are fools alike, so why not


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