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Self Introduction No.32 :Quoc Tuong Dong

Please introduce youeself !


 My name is Tuong but people call me Lukas (Lukie by my best friends). A Vietnamese at heart, I just finished my degree Hospitality BBA degree in Revenue Management and Real Estate in Switzerland. Studying other people’s culture,book hunting and Youtube channels binge-watching are my guilty pleasures. My addiction for chocolate is also undeniable

International Student Conference (ISC)’s acceptance of students from multiple countries, not only from US and Japan, environment really distinguishes itself from others by providing a constant idea-exchanging community regarding . A diverse cast of philosophers, ambitious youngsters will give everyone invaluable glimpses to numerous perspectives. Additionally, the homestay program which allows all members to be warmly embraced by the hospitable

families and interact with Japanese local inhabitants, as well as national arts performance and exhibition create a transparent cultural 対話 and ultimatelyappreciate each individual’s unique personalities. Thus, I am very grateful to be a part of this

What do you think about your table topic ?


 The West's dominance of the rest of the world was achieved not only by force but also through the market, according to Niall Ferguson’s “Civilization: The West and the Rest with Niall” - Niall stated that the 18th and 19th century’s industrial revolution in the United Kingdom had founded a model of consumerist society which had proved irresistible, for example, by the way, that the western style of dressing and music (rock and roll) had swept the globe. (Mr. Ferguson was almost too gleeful when he argued that the consumer society was the cog in the industrial machine that communism had dismissed. “Capitalists”, he wrote, “understood what Marx missed: that workers were also consumers. It, therefore, made no sense to try to grind their wages down to subsistence levels.”  He then continued to criticize the Soviet Union that even though it was able to produce fighter jets and H-bombs, its jeans were rubbish. Furthermore, the property-owning democracy, science were justified in his series as the components for Western dominance. Nonetheless, from a personal point of view, there are numerous circumstances one must bear in mind when it comes to such conclusion about the type democracy are we talking about and to who bear the expense of such process, especially in the 21st century.

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