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Self Introduction No.28 :Kanlongtham Damrongsoontornchai

Please introduce yourself !


My name is Kanlongtham Damrongsoontornchai (Ming) from Thailand. I am a sophomore student at Waseda University. My faculty is School of International Liberal Studies (SILS). Some of the subjects I have enrolled so far include International Relations, Economics, Muslim Migrants in Japan and European Union etc. Before coming to Japan, apart from my homeland, I had spent some years in Sri Lanka and Germany as well as Japan. With the experience of education from multiple systems in multiple countries, I would like to get involved more in the issues regarding education in the 21st century. I am looking forward to discussions at ISC64!

What do you think about your table topic; 21st Century Education ?


Education is a fundamental right that shall be provided to people across the world. Education shouldn't be seen as only what is taught in class nor the process of memorizing the prescribed texts, but rather, it is a process of learning which could come in various forms. When we discuss education in the 21st century, we shouldn't think of education as a practice akin to mass production which serves the industry. But rather, we shall focus on how individuals in the societal context can be cultivated in such ways that they have self-determination, critical thinking and necessary skills needed for them. In our table so far, we have been discussing the possible improvement in primary education by applying stakeholder analysis into our debate. As we would like to come up with a proposal of policy recommendation to the officials eventually, I believe that recognizing the loss-and-gain for each stakeholder is very important in making a decision.

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