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Self Introduction No.25 : Risa Higashida

Please introduce your self !


Hello everyone! I am Risa Higashida. I’m now sophomore studying business at Kobe

university. I participated the school event which Japanese students and exchange

students discussed at certain topic. I realized that I could broaden my horizon and

also my understanding grew deeper through discussing with each other. Therefore I

decided to participate in ISC to brush up myself.

I’ll do my best!

What do you think about your table topic;Legal Foundations on Human Rights ?


Our table topic this time is “legal foundation on human rights”. The reason why I got

interested in human right is because of the youtube that I watched when I was a high

school student. A girl called Sonita who is from Afghanistan was forced to marry

someone she doesn’t want to marry and she doesn’t even know at the age of 16 for

the family’s livelihood. She was about to be sold at the price of $9000. However, she

sent information about her situation at that time to the world by singing a song, which

was her dream. I was shocked to learn that a lot of people are still threatened

although Declaration of Human Rights acknowledged that all human have

fundamental human rights by nature. On the other hand, it might be a normal thing for

the people who have been cherishing their culture or habit to do what we think is a

violation of human rights. What is right? What is the criterion? How can people all over

the world all agree. It might be difficult to find one answer in this world where a lot of

cultures and sense of values exist. However I believe we could come to understand

better and better by sharing sense of values or believes through spread of


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