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Poland :Dominika Ostańkowicz

Poland is the place set up in the heart of Europe. I really like the nature and climate here, because of many chooses and diversities.

My favourite mountain place is Karpacz, really like the highland style. In winter when is cold and snowy, I go to skiing there. During sommer when is warm, temperature about 27-31 degrees I really like to visit Baltic sea with long beach and fine sand. The beach is around 700 km long, and very beautiful especially during sunset. My favourite city in the seasight is Sopot with very long pier.

If somebody like sailing or fishing in the right sight of Poland are areas with the huge lake, called Mazury.

The capital of Poland is Warszawa, it’s not my favourite place, but I appreciate fusion of modernity, and historical aspect of this city. After war Warszawa was totally destroyed, but this days renovate, and there are many of contemporary buildings. The memory of the war are still very strong in cultural awareness, and people who want to understand more about polish culture must go museum of II World War. In my opinion it showed atmosphere of this time very adequately, as I compare with another sources. Also the Copernicus museum is worth seeing, interactive place about many knowledge branches.

In my private list of favourite places in Poland are also Gdańsk and Kraków. Gdańsk is worth seeing because of the the trading history (big city near the sea). Kraków is important place for example because of Wawel Castle, or Salt Mine and the market square are also very nice.

The place of my heart is my city. I am living, working, studying in beautiful and rich of cultural events and social activities city Wrocław. Jan Paweł II (Polish pop) called this city ,,meeting place’’ because of many cultures inside and friendly attitude to each other.  Different people met here because of historical conditions, Wrocław belong to so many different countries in the past. Only since 1945 is a Polish city. In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful town, it’s  romantic place, with beautiful market square and the old town. Wrocław is also students friendly, has many of renowned universities. I appreciate many of modern cultural and integrative places like theatres, cinemas, museums, events, but also clubs and pubs. Mosts academics who arrived to Wrocław feel the magic of this place and start family and settle here after graduate university.

Świt na Ostrowem Tumskim. fot. Jarosław Ciuruś

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