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Humans of ISC65: Masami Komatsu

Our next amazing advocates is a member from [Table 5: Mental Health Care- Creating a mentally healthy life style for young people], Masami Komatsu! An interesting fact about Masami is that this is his second life experiencing ISC!

Q1. Please tell us what are the reasons/motivations that made you apply for ISC65?

Hi! My name is Masami Komatsu, I’m a sophomore student, studying at Soka University, belonging in the faculty of Law. I’m a man, sometimes name of Masami is woman’s name so that people confuse.

 My hobby is watching and playing football, and sleep a lot.

Last year, I participated ISC64. It was precious experience for me, that’s why I want to apply ISC again. I was inspired by people who came from more than 20 countries though discussion or communication. At the same, I felt what I lacked skills, English, knowledge about the table topic. I was totally shy. So I was afraid to conversation with foreign students that meaning is I missed opportunity to imput different view of thinking.

This year I want to approach to all participant even I can’t speak English well. And I want to accomplish the goal of ISC, main conference and proposal to effect to society.

Q2.What do you think about your table’s topic?

Mental health is familiar topic for me because I was faced with mental difficulties, from middle of school until now. The tragedy time was I was middle of school, when I was 15 years old, I was suffered from In my mind.  I tried to commit suicide everyday.

Japan is the worst country of the number of suicide. Sadly, there are many reasons, poverty, oppress, overworking, stress etc.

It is too difficult to identify which is long-term mental problem or just depression at the moment. So this problem is difficult to solve if you make the standard or guideline of How to deal with it.

But, we must to tackle to this problem. When I struggled with difficulties, counselor was saved me.

From this story making platform is the one way to solve this problem.

We should make in on and off line.

The right of mental health is the most crucial because this is based on Human or identity what describe or impress yourself. But, understanding of mental health is not enough.  If student can find the solution, of course people who working on gov can think more deeply. Though proposal or main conference someone relive with stress. That is honor for me.

Q3.What do you think about your table’s activities in overall now?

In the advance conference, table 5 member is just only Japanese.

Firstable, we focus on knowing each other.

Then discussion will passionate because before this,

our table chief bring us some questions. We talk about that Is based on.

Especially we discussed about student mental problem why student is difficult to speak about mental issues. One is the not enough to set of the school counselor, second, there are the mood when you open your mind to speak your problem, that feel “Stigma.”

Our table is girls a lot, so I feel comfortable, I can chat with member what I want to.

Progressing of conference, foreigner participant will be join so that the atmosphere will change. I am looking forward with chemical reaction of our table.

Me and our table member’s issue is when I feel the stress to discuss in English, how to react or deal with it and which mental problem should solve.

In my experience, last year I couldn’t to say my opinion because I was afraid to speak in front of people who is smarter peoples.

This year even I can’t English well, I will say my opinion don’t care about grammatically problem.

And Mental health is too expanding problem, so that we should focus on the topic.

If we focus on the student or the employees. Our approach will change which is the way of making proposal and solution. Though discussion, we need to determine how to deal with accomplish the mental health and make proposal by getting consensus with the table members.

Q4. Can you tell us a little bit about your hometown?

My hometown is Hachioji in westside of Tokyo, near Mt Takao. From Hachioji to Tokyo just only spend 1hour. This town has beautiful nature and calm country side. If you want relax, I recommend you to visit to this town. When I ran in midnight, i met Momonga, Raccoon, and Itatsi. They were so cute! I recommend you visit in Hachioji is Mt Takao is famous mountain in all over the world. In a year more than 3 million people come to this mountain. Mt Takao is easy to climb because this mountain is not too high. When i was elementary school student, I climbed this mountain. On top of the mountain i drunk water, that taste was so good .

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