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Introduction of the Committee vol.4:『Towa Kakuo』

Updated: May 19, 2019

連載企画vol.4は、いつも奇想天外な新しいアイディアを出してくれる『角尾十和』さんです!😉 Meet our Academic in-charge gifted with her creativity: Towa Kakuo! English follows








Q4.ISC64の参加動機を教えてください。(What had led you to participate in ISC64?)


I found ISC when I was searching for something that I can challenge myself to broaden my capacity.

I applied to ISC because I was really attracted by its diversity that students are coming from over 25 countries.

Q5. ISC64を終えての感想を教えてください。(Can you share your feeling after ISC64's over?)


You can meet excellent students from all over the world at ISC. The nine days were very hard but I was able to grow in many aspects. I am grateful that I met seniors and friends who I truly respect. ISC made me aware that I need to study more and made me determined to study more. Everything was a great experience, and I would not be myself without it.


Q6. ISC64を終えて、今年は運営委員になりました。その理由を教えてください。(Can you share with us the reason you decided to become a committee members of ISC65?)


ISC 64 was a great experience for me. I decided to become a committee because I did not want to leave ISC. As Table Management, I am determined to enhance the quality of the contents and make ISC65 a better place for participants to grow themselves.

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