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Introduction of the Committee vol.3:『Chihiro Noji』

Updated: May 19, 2019


In vol.3, we would like to introduce you with Chihiro Noji- our fantastic Public Relations in-charge! English follows







Q4.ISC64の参加動機を教えてください。(What had led you to participate in ISC64?)

私はISC64に応募しましたが、不合格になりISC64には参加できませんでした。 ここでは応募した理由について記入します。入学当初から、異なるバックグラウンドをもつ多くの人と関わること、社会問題に対して学生の視点から取り組める活動を行うことになんとなく興味がありました。新歓の時期に行われた説明会でISC64の実行委員の方から直接説明を受け、日本中、世界中から学生が集まり、文化交流や学術交流を行い、社会に向けて発信するプログラムに魅力を感じ応募を決めました。

Although, I applied for ISC64, I couldn’t  pass the selection. Now, I want to write about why I applied for ISC64.

I’ve had two goals since I entered university. These goals are making relationships with a lot of people who have different backgrounds and taking actions as a student for social problems that are happening in the world. When I had searched the way to realize my goals, I met  ISC. I went an information session about ISC and spoke with ISC64 committee members. I decided to apply for ISC64 because I believe ISC64 is a good program. We can have cultural exchange and discuss a lot of social problems with students from around the world and propose students’ ideas to the society.

Q5. ISC64を終えての感想を教えてください。(Can you share your feeling after ISC64's over?)


As I belong to ISA (International Students Association) and various activities, I was able to  broaden my mindset and recognized I have a lot of steps which I can realize my goals. So I was thinking of applying to ISC65 as a participant again, as steps of realizing my goals. However, when I attended ISC64 Final Forum, I came to recognize the ISC fascinating points, not only ISC conducts good programs but ISC is a good organization because it has long history and good effect on the society. So I want to manage ISC as ISC65 committee for 1 year and conduct good programs of ISC65.

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