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Introduction of the Committee vol.2 ​: 『Ken Furusawa』

Updated: May 19, 2019


Who will be featured on vol.2? It's the person who's always supporting us from behind: Vice President- Ken Furusawa English follows!







Q4.ISC64の参加動機を教えてください。(What had led you to participate in ISC64?)


The reason why I participated in ISC64 was because I wanted to have discussions and other different exchanges with youths who came from around the world with diverse backgrounds and experiences. I had opportunities to be involved in an exchange program between two countries and to study abroad for one year before participating in ISC64, but I thought it would be a very interesting and valuable experience to participate in ISC where students from more than 20 countries get together.

Q5. ISC64を終えての感想を教えてください。(Can you share your feeling after ISC64's over?)


I experienced difficulties in academic discussion because I was not able to contribute to it as much as I had expected beforehand. However, it was a very intense and unforgettable 9-day program with various enjoyable activities such as sightseeing in Tokyo and Japanese cultural exchange.

Q6. ISC64を終えて、今年は運営委員になりました。その理由を教えてください。(Can you share with us the reason you decided to become a committee members of ISC65?)


I decided to become a committee member of ISC65 because I was impressed by the history of ISC and diverse, intense and large-scaled programs as well as influences ISC can bring to the society. After ISC64, I realized I would like to be involved in ISC for one more year before I graduate university.

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