​The 67th International Student Conference


New Normal: Unity without Boundaries

Online Main Conference of the 67th International Student Conference (ISC67)


Advance Conference: May 15 - May 16, 2021

  • This year, the Opening Ceremony of the Main Conference will also be organized as an integral part of the Advance Conference. This opening ceremony will mark the opening of the Main Conference of the 67th International Student Conference.

  • At the Advance Conference, all participants of the 67th International Student Conference will meet each other for the first time through various programs.


Main Conference: May 16 - August 22, 2021

  • Other than a mandatory session, in each month, table chiefs may hold optional sessions (the amount varies from table to table). These optional sessions provide the chance for participants to meet the table’s mentors who are experts on their table topics (for more details, see this year’s table topics) and engage more with their fellow table members. (Although attendance is not mandatory in these optional sessions, participants are nevertheless highly encouraged to participate in the meetings as much as they can.)

  • Besides academic activities, there are opportunities for participants to deepen their friendship with each other through a series of cultural events, as the annual theme of this year is "Unity without boundaries". There are a lot of fun activities in the event waiting for participants ahead. The details will be updated later, primarily via Slack.

  • Participants are, as a minimum requirement, requested to attend one compulsory study session per month. The 3-month conference plan will be shared with the participants at the Advance Conference, including study materials and the tentative content of each study session.

  • ISC67’s Main Conference will span over the period of three months from May to August of 2021. During the Main Conference, each table will hold study sessions every month to discuss their selected table topic (for more details, see this year’s table topics) and conclude their final product in the form of a policy proposal or a business plan.


Detail of the Schedule for the Main Conference: 


  • May: Monthly Study Session (Note: No Cultural Event, due to the Advance Conference)

  • June: Monthly Study Session and Cultural Event

  • July: Monthly Study Session and Cultural Event


  • August 7: Interim Presentation and Recreation Events

    • During the first half of the event, each table will conduct the interim presentation, and during the latter half, participants across all five tables will participate in fun recreational events. (ca. 3 hours)

    • Interim presentation is an online meeting, in which each table presents their progress on their table’s discussion as well as the making of their final product and what they expect until the final forum.

    • Recreational events will be led by the planning team to deepen the friendship among members across all five tables. 


  • August 8-21: Intensive Table Meetings and Cultural Event

    • The two weeks leading up toward the Final Forum are designated to intensive meetings within each table. In this period, table chiefs and participants will mainly focus on making the final product and decide on where they would like to submit their policy proposals to. 

    • Table members meet up online more frequently as they will have to finalize the final product (in a formally written format)  that is to be completed before August 21. During this intensive period, each table will also prepare the presentation for the Final Forum.


  • August 21: Deadline for the Final Outcome

    • This is when tables submit their final products to the Academics in-charge, which later will be given to the ministries, organizations, or other relevant bodies chosen by each table. 


  • August 22: Final Forum and the Closing of the Main Conference 

    • The Final Forum this year will be held online via Zoom.

    • At the Final Forum, each table will deliver a presentation about what they have discussed, what they have learned, and what kind of change they want to bring to society. The Forum will be attended by the general public, guest speakers, and our honorable sponsors. 

    • After the Final Forum, we will have a Closing Ceremony, which wraps up the official part of the conference.

Note: We will not hold the “Advance Study Tour” this year, due to concerns for our participants’ health and the threat of travel restrictions. 

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ISC67 Annual Report

With the end of the 67th International Student Conference, the ISC67 Committee released the Annual Report. You can check our year-long activities by downloading the pdf file via the icon on the left.

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For the program of the conference, please refer here.