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NHK Covering Killer Robot Event

updated Aug 6, 2021

On July 11th, 2021, NHK (Japan’s only public broadcaster) broadcasted parts of the Global Youth Conference on Fully Autonomous Weapons that was co-held by ISC and the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots on December 12, 2020, as well as our subsequent visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. 


The program firstly covered the speeches by the youth speakers from the United Kingdom and the Philippines at the Global Youth Conference of Fully Autonomous Weapons in December 2020. The following scene showed ISC representatives visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to submit the policy proposal as the final outcome of the conference to a high-level official in January 2021. They particularly highlighted Ms. Aline Sauvegrain Tanabe’s request that the Japanese government actively take action regarding killer robots. 


NHK is scheduled to broadcast an extended version of the program on BS-1 around September 2021, so please stay tuned for more updates! 

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