The President for ISC67 has been decided!

updated Aug 24, 2020
Ming ISC.png

After much discussion, the ISC66 committee agreed that the ISC67 President should ideally be an ISC66 committee member, as ISC66 committee members have experience from ISC65 and the unique situation of ISC66. As a result, the ISC66 committee members have elected Ming to be the ISC67 President!

Although there are many uncertainties and peculiar arrangements again next year due to the unpredictability of the COVID-19, I hope that we will not be discouraged by the tough situation. Despite many impending challenges, there are a lot of things in ISC to cherish and learn about. Becoming a committee member is also a great opportunity for personal growth as you get to work with fellow inspired students from a variety of backgrounds. As the President, I hope that, as a committee, we can overcome the many challenges waiting ahead of us and that every each of us will cherish being a part of the ISC family! I look forward to new adventures with you!

Ming (Kanlongtham Damrongoontornchai) was born in Thailand in 1997. He is now a senior at Waseda University, studying International Relations with a focus on Middle Eastern Studies. Ming entered ISC for the first time in ISC64 as an international participant. A year later, he became one of the Table Chiefs at ISC65 with the topic of "the Global Refugee Crisis in the Japanese Context". Despite our programs being mostly online this year, Ming was a part of the ISC66 committee as an Academics in-charge. Participants of our online events this year might recognize him as a co-facilitator in some of the academic discussions. He is very excited about ISC in the upcoming year, as it will be his fourth year with ISC, and he is looking forward to working with the new committee members of ISC67!