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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 66th International Student Conference August schedule has been CANCELLED. Find more information here


1. Research & Discussion 

Research and discussions are the biggest feature of the International Student Conference.

During the advanced study sessions, all Japanese resident participants are divided into 6 tables and all work together towards deepening their understanding of each of the assigned topics. The advanced research is conducted in English, so it is highly recommended that the participants work to strengthen their English abilities.

At the main conference, international resident students and domestic resident students come together to have discussions and conduct research. Each table consists of about 10 participants. All of the participants who gather at the conference have differing perspectives and backgrounds, resulting in intense and meaningful discussions. At the Final Forum, students will present their discussion results to the public and submit the outcome in the form of proposals to the government or other organizations. 



2. Study Tour

The Advanced Study Tour is held in one of four destinations: Osaka, Kobe, Kyushu, and Okayama.

Participants are able to experience cultural exchange by visiting other areas around Japan, interacting with local students, and getting to know other participants before the academic discussions begin.

In addition, during the Main Conference, the participants will have a one-day Main Study Tour where they will visit other areas in Japan such as Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka, Shiga, and Nara. 



3. Cultural Exchange

During the Main Conference, ISC also offers cultural exchange programs. In ISC65, participants brought souvenirs from their current place of residence to share aspects of their daily life. Other participants volunteered to do presentations to introduce parts of their culture and customs. There was also an event for participants to experience traditional Soran-bushi dance and another event where participants tried calligraphy. 

4. Welcome Party & Farewell Party

There will be a Welcome Party held on the first night for all participants to eat together and spend time with each other. There will also be a Farewell Party on the last day of the conference, to celebrate the many friendships and achievements accomplished during the conference. 

5. Final Forum

The Final Forum is an occasion for students to showcase their research and discussion results and proposals to the public.

​Experts from various fields will be invited to the Final Forum to give a special lecture, in which students will be able to directly exchange their opinions.


The Final Forum is open to the public. More details about the Final Forum will be posted in detail on a later date. 

6. Student Interaction

Students from all over the world with many different backgrounds and experiences will gather at the International Student Conference. This is a rare opportunity which enables participants to create everlasting friendships from around the world. Through experiencing the joys and challenges together during ISC, these friendships and connections will surely last a lifetime. 




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