External Affairs

External Affairs is mainly in charge of making a connection with outside the International Students Conference (ISC) by requesting cooperation and negotiating with society. In detail, we will ask for cooperation and support from companies which also have the same motivation to achieve ‘World Peace’ as ISC, people who agree with and are interested in our motivation, and committee members or participants in the past who thankfully provide us continuous support. As External Affairs, contributing to expanding the range of ISC activities and being open to every aspect of our society directly are significant things that we need to keep in mind all the time.


Hello! I am Yoko Tanaka, and currently in charge of External Affairs (EA) of ISC68. I have contributed to this ISC by asking for cooperation with companies and people who are interested in supporting us. Also, I really enjoy working with ISC international fellows, noticing what I have not known. ISC is definitely the place to discover the world, and future participants can broaden your horizons through this conference! We will promise to offer you precious chances this year, so COME AND JOIN US!

Hello, I am Miyu Kobayashi, ISC68 External Affairs. I am mainly involved in the planning and operation of corporate sponsorships and crowdfunding. All members of the management team are working to make this event a reality so that as many students as possible can come to Japan. Please join us for the International Student Conference, where you can experience international exchange that is a grade higher than studying abroad!


Hi Everyone! I am Maria Fransisca and I am in charge of External Affairs of ISC 68. My primary role is to deal with the OBOG event. OBOG events is an event for maintaining the relationship between former and present members.I enjoy managing this event because I received many hands from other committees and alumni. Therefore, don't worry about asking ISC for help because everyone wants to help each other. Join the International Student Conference for an international exchange experience, broaden links and plenty of memorable things you can only get in ISC!