Finance is mainly in charge of managing all of the money that relates to the International Student Conference (ISC). First of all, finance needs to make a budget sheet and decide how to use the money, how the amount of money we need for all of the activities and then, how the amount of money we need to collect. After that, I decide on the grants that I will apply to collect money, and I make the application forms and submit them by the deadline. In addition, at the end of the period (around Oct.), finance has to make all financial documents. Finance is a keystone because it runs the ISC's money, so it requires a sense of responsibility, and Finance needs to keep that sense of responsibility in mind at all times.


Hi, I’m Mai Ochiai, ISC68 Finance. In short, I am responsible for the operation and management of all money related to ISC68. For example, I apply for grants from various foundations to raise money for ISC68, and I decide how the money will be spent. I also prepare documents related to the money to be submitted externally. I believe that the ISC gives you the opportunity to think something from multiple perspectives because we are able to talk with a wide variety of people from both Japan and abroad. We will do our best to support you to make your summer vacation as a student more fulfilling. We hope you will join us.