Public Relations

The PR (Public Relation) team is a part of Japan International Conference Students(ISC). Our job is to build and maintain a positive public image for an ISC. Not only these things, we also conduct collaboration events with other committees and organizations. Also, we shape ISC image from outside people by creating posts and websites. What’s more, at the Main Conference, we will be in charge of  taking photos and videos as the recording, and preparing equipment at venues.

We will keep working hard so that you can understand what is ISC easier, so please stay tuned! 


Hello everyone. I am Momoka Takagi, Public Relations chief of ISC68. I am in charge of Youtube publishing, managing all of PR tasks and so on. As a PR team, I will try to publish our information easily to understand.  Please stay tuned with us so that you can check our updates. Lastly I hope we can meet in the 68th International Student Conference and be able to have a deep discussion there. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us through SNS, we’ll reply to that. And I would be grateful if you could follow our Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Halo semuanya, Let me introduce myself. My name is Evan Agustian Lukius and I am a member of Public Relations of ISC68. My duties in PR are managing Wix website, making a design for our SNS such as a promotion design, committee introduction design, etc. Nice to meet you everyone and also I hope we can meet in the 68th International Student Conference and don’t forget to follow our SNS(Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter).


Hello, everyone. I’m Shota Ozaki and I’m a member of Public Relations of ISC68. (68th International student Conference) I’m in charge of creating designs for our SNS to promote us and managing our website, etc. I’ll try to plan and publish the contents that you could enjoy. I’m expecting that we can meet and discuss a lot of things in ISC68. Don't forget to follow our SNS!