The academics team is in charge of the academic part of the conference that allows the participants to exchange ideas and improve their skills. As their main duties, the academics team prepares the topics for the conference, creates study plans and schedules, chooses participants at each table, and facilitates all the academic processes on the conference itself. 

ISC68 AC members are the table chiefs for the tables. So, this year, we do not recruit table chiefs separately. 

Greetings! I am Yingjiao Qiu, and currently in charge of Academics of ISC68. Glad to inform you that this year in ISC68, we will have four different table topics to provide for you. From social works to International law, there are many unknown problems that need to be explored. In my table, I will focus on International law of the Arctic, such as to enact the legislation of shipping routes and sustainable development goals with limited resources. I hope the younger generation can get ahead of the curve and also together let us make the society better. Please come and join ISC68, see you in the summer of 2022!

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The international and diverse experience that ISC offers drew me in as it allows me to not only discuss and learn about new and valuable topics but also to receive input from different cultural backgrounds and perspectives. Also by being the table chief of table 1, I want to feed my curiosity in the field of journalism and misinformation by researching the topic, hearing the different ideas and thoughts from the participants, and also hearing from an expert in the field. The conference gives me the opportunity to also develop long-lasting friendships with people from all around!


Hello! I’m Amyra Aliya, one of the Table Chiefs and in charge of Academics of ISC68th. I am happy to share that this year, ISC68 will have four tables with topics that are relevant today in the world. I am focusing on Smart and Accessible Mobility, to ensure that everyone from every group in the society can enjoy cities safely and their mobility can be improved by technology and innovation. From there, I hope we can improve cities in the world together with our ideas. Being a part of ISC68 will also give you a big opportunity to meet people from around the world, so I bet you don’t want to miss it! 

I am looking forward to meeting you at ISC68!

Hey y’all!

My name is Priyal Tale. I'm a masters social work student from India. As I come from India, the first thing I like about ISC is its diversity. I was a participant of ISC the previous year and learnt a lot from friends coming from different parts of the world. This year an academic in charge of table 4, like my fellow academic members, I have contributed by taking the responsibility of the table chief, to learn and have fun with the table along with the other participants! 

We are looking forward to having fun with you all this summer!


Hellow everyone! Hope you’re doing fantastic! My name is Vlada and I am from Ukraine. I am a Table Chief of Table 1 and a part of the Academics team. Currently, I am a 4th year Communication student at LCC International University in Lithuania. Last semester, I also started a project about youth opportunities called “Vlada’s Talk Show”. I am interested in such topics as journalism and media literacy. If you are curious about these too, then make sure to join ISC68 Table 1 and see ya in summer!