Advanced Study Tour

​              (For non-Japanese)

This tour from will be held on August 16-19th (before Tokyo conference)!

It’s optional (no charge) to participate in if you get a qualification in the 63th International Student Conference. You can go to one ST! You can choose just one from below 5 spots!!!


 Kyushu ST


Itoshima island

→ Experience of activities in a natural environment

  the beautiful ocean and the delicious seafood.

Beppu city → 

Gigoku(Hell) steamed eggs which aresteamed in a stone steamer which utilizes steam from a hot spring, at Umi jigoku hot springs

​You can enjoy seeing natural hot spring (not take a bath)

  Okayama ST

In 2017, August, “Momo taro” who came from Okayama,

and is one of the most famous hero in Japan !

 This time, he doesn’t fight and knock out monsters,

but he tries to discoaer new attraction in Okayama with his friends,

so they starts to travel around Okayama.

First, they visit “Sizutani-school” built 500 years ago for ordinary people.

“This school is the oldest school in Japan!”

They can learn the history in Okayama through this experience.

Next, they go and see the factory of “yakuruto” which Japanese people

often drinks. They are satisfied with it and its souvenir, visit historic area

in Katsuyama which was used important point of traffic

more then 500 years ago. “This is like remaining daily lives at that time!”

Last, they walk around “Korakuen” which is a beautifl garden built

by the king in Okayama, and have a good time there, through this experience,

they learn the present and past of Okayama.


Will you become Momotaro, too.

 Kobe ST

KobeST will be held in the city that has foreign cultures.

It’s located in next to Osaka!In KobeST, you can play with many kinds of animals, get some funny friends, eat fresh fruits.


Especially, Kobe is one of the cities which has the most beautiful night view in the world!! It's compared to "Million Dollar night view".

So, I think you will enjoy here!!! We are waiting for you!

 Nagoya ST

We are thrilled and happy to let you know we will invite you to our very first ST in Nagoya! By the way, do you know anything about Nagoya? Nagoya is located between Tokyo and Kyoto, belongs to Aichi prefecture. It is known as one of the biggest cities and also the biggest industrial city in Japan. Toyota, a world famous car company base in Toyota-shi, which is next to Nagoya. Now, let us introduce little bit about our ST. We will guide you through unique program filled with various museums visits, castle town exploration, modern Japanese workshop, formal kimono dressing and traditional foods you have never had! It will provide you a chance to learn typical Japanese lifestyle and to meet amazing people. You will find the new glamour of Japan which you cannot find in Tokyo or Kyoto.

If you are interested in this ST, please follow our twitter to stay tuned! We all excited to see you in Nagoya!


 Keihan ST

”Keihan” means Kyoto and Osaka. 

If you joined Keihan ST, you can enjoy both city. 

In Osaka, you can eat ”Takoyaki”!!! Takoyaki is very very famous food in Osaka. Not only eating Takoyaki, but also making Takoyaki by yourself.

In Kyoto, we have many temples. we play a mission game!! Through the mission game, we can go to many temples or famous buildings.


Why don't you join us???